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A four day workshop with The Intercultral Exeter Model

Workshop Dates: 15th & 16th January, 21st & 22nd February 2024

Where: Online – Zoom

Working with Couples Effectively Across Cultural, Ethnic, Class, Gender and Racial Divides: 

This online four-day intensive training course in an innovative, evidence-based methodology for working most effectively with couples who have cultural, racial, ethnic and/or class differences. 

This course coheres Janet Reibstein and Hannah Sherbersky’s Exeter Model for couples work with Reenee Singh’s work on differences in culture, ethnicity, and race within families and couples toward a model for how to work effectively and productively with couples with such differences. You will be joining participants from across the country in directly learning skills within an Innovative Evidence-Based Systemic-Behavioural Methodology.

Reibstein and Singh’s book, The Intercultural Exeter Couples Model : Making connections for a divided world through systemic-behavioural therapy (Wiley, 2020) forms the basis of the training. Each participant receives and works with the book as part of the course.

Through concentrated, supervised experiential and precisely-focused video learning you will hone clinical skills evidenced for their effectiveness in such work. There will be a mix of learning in large group discussion and smaller break out rooms.

You will understand the context of racism in which the lives of intercultural couples are embedded and get a clear framing of how to keep culture, race, ethnicity, class, gender, et al differences at the front and centre of your therapeutic work. 

You will learn to think within a paradigm-shifting way: you will integrate systemic with CBT thinking to gain a new perspective in how to intervene. 

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