Child and Adolescent Enquiry

The CFP Child and Adolescent triage process provides an opportunity for you to provide information about your concerns for you, your child or/and your family.

Once you have completed and submitted the short enquiry form, our triage clinician will contact you as soon as possible and within 72 buisness hours by phone.

Following the phone call, the triage clinician will identify and connect you to the appropriate consultant. The consultant will discuss a way forward with you, including appointment times and fees. Where there is no appropriate consultant available, we will inform you promptly

Please note that the Child and Family Practice is not an emergency/ crisis service. Therefore, we cannot respond to crisis situations. In those circumstances you must seek help from your GP or local A&E services.

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    Except in exceptional circumstances, a clinician will not be able to see a child without the written consent of parents/ guardians/ those with parental responsibility for the child