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The Intercultural Couples Group offers participants an opportunity to work on their relationships, which may be affected by intercultural, interracial or interfaith differences. Working with each other within a group can be an ideal choice for addressing the challenges of couple relationships, making positive changes in how you relate to each other. For couples who find it hard to talk and express their feelings, groups can provide a way of engaging with others to share their feelings and function as a support network and sounding board. Regularly talking and listening to others, also can help put your concerns into perspective.

This group is for all couples who identify as being from different racial, cultural, ethnic, sexual or religious and faith backgrounds. The themes that we will explore together could be:

• The impact of racism on couple relationships
• Dealing with family
• Intercultural issues
• Interfaith issues
• Acceptance of who we are
• Finance
• Intimacy and Sexuality
• Any other themes that emerge from the group

Cultural, ethnic and other differences will enable an opportunity for participants to identify blind spots and develop a better understanding of themselves. Sharing experiences and listening to others in a group can help develop self-awareness.

What to expect:
Once all group members are selected, the sessions will start Friday the 22nd of September 2023,
from 5.00 to 7.00 pm, on Zoom. Henceforth, the group will meet on a fortnightly basis on the
following dates:
Friday the 22nd of September
Friday the 6th of October
(A three week break because of half term)
Friday the 27th of October
Friday the 10th of November
Friday the 24th of November

Fee for each session will be £ 20 for a 2-hour session.

The group will be facilitated by Dr Reenee Singh and Mehboob Dada, who are both experienced psychotherapists at the London Intercultural Couples Centre.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Laura Whittle on ( who will forward you an application form to complete.

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