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Stephanie Fattorini

Categories: *Counselling and psychotherapy for children, *Family Therapy, *Help with parenting, Psychotherapists

Steph has been working with children and with families since 2005. She has worked as a therapist in various settings, such as a University, in primary and secondary schools, charities for children with Special Needs, a Mediation Centre and in her own practice in Fulham. She enjoys providing 1:1 therapeutic support, family therapy, and has facilitated play-therapy groups. She is an Adult Trainer who co-presents two Separated Parent Programmes in London, one of which she has as co-written and founded.

Her work with children is facilitated by her training in play-therapy. Whilst providing a calm and empathic space for children, teenagers, parents, couples and families, Steph is non directive and follows cues from children‎ and works with all ages. The family sessions are tailored to foster better communication and relationships between children, parents and carers. She likes to increase a person’s self-awareness and self-confidence with various creative mediums. The focus of the sessions can be more on immediate problems, with practical suggestions offered and can be shorter term than psychoanalytic therapy.

Steph is an accredited BACP therapist and has recently specialised in helping families in separation and divorce and writes a monthly blog on related subjects (if interested, please visit:

Steph has trained in both Integrative and Psychodynamic Therapy. The basis of her work is founded on psychodynamic concepts but values the influences of the humanistic and person centred approaches.

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