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Dr Rosa Matthews

Categories: *Cognitive Skills Assessment, Psychologists

I am committed to promoting children’s development and learning, as well as their social and emotional wellbeing using my core training in mental health and my specialist training in child neuropsychology.

As a child neuropsychologist I am able to provide a detailed profile of a young person’s/child’s strengths and areas of difficulty across a broad range of functioning: cognitive (including memory attention and aspects of language), social communication and everyday living skills as well as mental health. From this profile I put together a comprehensive and practical package of care to improve outcomes for that child. I work with parents, schools/education and others from the medical and allied professions.

I endeavour to support parents/carers from the initial query or concerns about a child, to getting the various professionals needed to complete the work and, as needed, periodically reviewing progress to keep things on track. I place great importance post-assessment on working jointly with other professionals and providing good support for parents/carers.

After 8 years working as an economist for the Bank of England and investment banks, I switched to clinical work and research in mental health in 2000 working at UCL, before formally retraining as a clinical psychologist. On qualifying as a clinical psychologist, I worked in the west of England, before relocating to London to commence my paediatric neuropsychology studies. After undertaking nine years of clinical practice (including Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Portland Hospital) and further training (UCL) I qualified as a child neuropsychologist. I currently practice independently and within the NHS providing neurodevelopmental assessment, including assessment for autism spectrum disorder. In my NHS post I provide consultation and training to professionals working in a child and adolescent mental health service.

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