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Dr Philip Hayton

Categories: *CBT for Adults, *CBT for Children, *Counselling and psychotherapy for adults, *Counselling and psychotherapy for children, Directors, Psychologists

Dr Hayton completed doctoral training at Salomons Clinical Psychology Training Programme in 2005, emphasising family, adult, parent, and child developmental psychology at the Child & Family Department of the NHS Tavistock Clinic where he completed a yearlong specialisation. He works in Hertfordshire, in London, and internationally online. He has contributed to CFP since 2007. He is a Director and co-chairs the Adult Practice group.

A founding member of the Holistic Faculty of the British Psychological Society, Dr Hayton is a skilled and sensitive practitioner in the treatment of psychological stress, difficulty and trauma in individuals of all ages. He uses a broad range of Cognitive and other Psychological and Systemic approaches in brief and longer-term periods of work.  He is a highly-experienced clinical psychologist, having working in leading NHS services for 15 years. In his small private practice at TCFP, his clients are offered the very best quality and value, receiving personally tailored psychological support and care through individualised developmental assessment; advice; therapy, coaching programmes, and/or counselling, for meaningful and lasting growth.

With extensive ‘lifespan development’ and systemic expertise in organisations and with senior leaders, Dr Hayton also offers specialist bespoke coaching, consultation and supervision for coaches, consultants, and consultancies, drawing on further training at the Tavistock Institute and research at Ashridge Executive Education. Dr Hayton was on the faculty of a UK Counselling Psychology professional doctorate for ten years as a senior lecturer leading 3rd year teaching, and supervised or examined 50+ professional doctorate theses (now an honorary appointment). In summary, Dr Hayton has substantial experience of empowering adult development at all levels, across a full range of chronological ages (12+), abilities, and roles, both at TCFP and internationally.

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